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A: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol is a type of telecommunications system that allows you to make cheap or free voice calls and other voice communications via the Internet. It piggybacks onto the digital foundation already laid out by the Web, minimizing the costs incurred to implement and maintain the system. The process entails breaking down data into smaller chunks to be carried over the Internet to its intended destination, where the data is then reassembled so that it can be accessed.

A: Using VoIP doesn’t require much else beyond a phone or computer and a broadband (high speed Internet) connection. That’s it! It doesn’t matter if you use a LAN or a cable for your Internet either. One additional tool you may need is an adaptor for your phone if your phone is unable to utilize VoIP alone. When you use a computer for VoIP, make sure you download the necessary software and verify that it has a functional microphone. If you don’t have a microphone built in, then a short trip to the store will fix that issue.

A: The stark difference in costs is a big reason why many businesses have switched from using landlines to VoIP. Over the last few decades, using the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) has become more and more expensive to operate and maintain. Additionally, fewer users are actually using the PSTN these days, making it more difficult for telecommunications providers to sustain themselves. Consequently, these providers increase their prices. The increase in price further drives customers away from the PSTN to anything that will save them money.

A: Yes, you are able to record phone calls via VoIP. A variety of companies regularly record their VoIP phone calls, such as customer service centers within a business. There are specific applications and software that the business must download in order to securely and properly utilize this feature.

A: No, you actually do not need a physical VoIP phone in order to make VoIP calls as there are other mediums that you may use instead. A computer or a tablet are other options that can be used for VoIP calls. However, you can use a traditional or a phone with VoIP software already integrated in it as well, whichever you prefer.

A: Texting is one of the many services provided by most VoIP providers, whether it’s from a traditional or VoIP phone number. You should be able to text essentially anyone else who has a phone number. These days, many smartphones have made it easier to utilize VoIP as an abundance of companies (such as Skype and Google) have developed third-party applications with VoIP integrated inside the apps. This helps users to easily and smoothly send texts or make video calls over VoIP on their phones.

A: Yes, it is possible to call more than one person at a time, depending on the provider (3). It’s very easy to do through the various third-party apps that have been created, such as via Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and Google Hangout. Again, it requires a solid Internet connection and a device.

A: Yes, depending on the VoIP provider, long-distance and international calls can be made either for free or for a small fee. In most cases, you can easily call anyone who has a telephone number no matter where they are, as long as they have adequate Internet connection.

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